Visual Studio Code Keyboard Shortcuts Favorites

by Parosa | 2020-09-16

Personal note on Visual Studio Code’s keyboard shortcuts in Windows Operating System. Some shortcuts are added at later versions, so update VS Code if needed.

Command Palette


No need to memorize every single keyboard shortcuts. (e.g. In Markdown All in One, ‘Open Preview’ command can be accessed by Ctrl+Shift+P and then selecting >Markdown: Open Preview. Do not have to memorize the specific shortcut Ctrl+Shift+V.)

Command Palette


Can be applied to individual line or block(lines). Adapts to the selected language. (e.g. If the ‘Select Language Mode’ is set to HTML, the comment is added by <!-- -->. Do note that if the target line(s) is inside the <script> tag, the comment is added by //.)

Comment Add

Ctrl+K & Ctrl+C

Comment Remove

Ctrl+K & Ctrl+U

Define Regions

You can fold regions of source code using the folding icons on the gutter between line numbers and line start. Move the mouse over the gutter and click to fold and unfold regions.

Regions can also be defined by markers defined by each language. The following languages currently have markers defined:

Language Start region End region
Bat ::#region or REM #region ::#endregion or REM #endregion
C# #region #endregion
C/C++ #pragma region #pragma endregion
CSS/Less/SCSS /#region/ /#endregion/
Coffeescript #region #endregion
F# //#region or (#_region) //#endregion or (#_endregion)
Java //#region or // // #endregion or //</editor-fold>
Perl5 #region or =pod #endregion or =cut
PHP #region #endregion
PowerShell #region #endregion
Python #region or # region #endregion or # endregion
TypeScript/JavaScript //#region //#endregion
Visual Basic #Region #End Region


Insert Cursor Directly Above(Below)



Insert Cursor Infront of Specific Word


Ctrl+D selects the word at the cursor, or the next occurrence of the current selection.

Multi-Cursor for Word

Open Folder with Code

Not a keyboard shortcut.

Inside Windows Explorer, right-click on a (1) folder icon (e.g. navigation pane) or (2) an empty background space. Click the ‘Open with Code’ context menu.

'Open with Code' Context Menu

Requires the following options to be enabled at setup.

Visual Studio Code Installation Options